Resources & Links

The sites listed below are provided as a reference.

There is information, resources and services available for EVERYONE  involved in family violence – witnesses, sufferers, professionals.

* The content on the sites represents the views of the authors and should not be construed as representing the opinions or positions of the Domestic Violence Action Team.

Professional Links and Resources

Professionals and volunteers who help respond to, intervene in, or otherwise deal with families subject to violence and abuse can access research, reports, and studies that examine domestic violence. There will be updates to this list on a regular basis.

General Links and Resources

Victims, perpetrators and witnesses of family violence are from all walks of life and span the ages of life. Becoming more informed can help make our communities safer. This list will be updated on a regular basis.

Signs of being abused

A person may be in an abusive relationship if there are even some of these signs. The person's partner exhibits several of the signs listed in Signs That a Person is Abusive: The abused person shows no outward signs, the partner appears to be abusive by exhibiting Warning Signs.