What is Domestic Violence?

Domestic or Family Violence is violence and abuse occuring within a family context...  

It can involve a variety of groupings in the family - spouse to spouse, parent to child, child to parent and adult family members to elders. The general term domestic violence is used in this website. While the focus is on spousal and partner abuse (also referred to as intimate partner violence or IPV), the intention is not to exclude other forms of family violence. 

Abuse takes different forms - including emotional, psychological sexual, physical, financial and spiritual abuse. Often, abuse manifests in various ways and can be quite subtle and difficult to identify. Domestic violence can sometimes be understood as an imbalance of power in a relationship. It involves the abuse of power of one partner or family member over another, in order to control the other partner or another family member. It can also involve poor coping and unhealthy attitudes within the context of a relationship that end up resulting in abusive behaviours.

The majorty of victims of intimate partner violence are women statistically but men are also abused in relationships. Family violence can happen in any relationship regardless of gender, religion, culture, or socio-economic status.

Facts & Myths About Violence

A list of myths about domestic violence, as well as the facts that we may be unaware of.

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Awareness Building

Building awareness that domestic violence is a crime and that it occurs in every community.

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