DVAT Video Interviews

Harbour House View More

In this video, you are given a tour of the YWCA Harbour House, and many commonly asked questions about the shelter are answered.

Chapter 1(0:00 ) Intro- Intro to Sam Irwin and Kerri Potvin

Chapter 2(0:23) How do I get into the Shelter? You [...]

Police Station View More

In this video Constable Denton Michelson from the Domestic Crimes Unit answers question about how to report domestic violence, how the police can assist you, and a few common questions about a domestic violence offender.

Chapter 1(0:00)- [...]

Court House View More

In this video, Darwin Ross, Crown Prosecutor, discusses the process of domestic violence cases in the courts.

Chapter 1 (0:00) - Court House Tour: Information about who can attend a court hearing, the different types of court hearing/trials, and [...]
Public Service Announcement #1(audio)
PSA #2 - Sexual Violence(audio)
PSA #3 - What Can I Do?(audio)
PSA #4 - Men's Issues(audio)