Policing and Justice

Lethbridge Regional Police
The Lethbridge Regional Police Service (LRPS) provides police services to Lethbridge and Coaldale, including 911 call outs, criminal investigation, crime education and prevention and victim services. The police are often the first responders in situations of domestic violence and regularly investigate and follow-up hundreds of these cases each year.

Three RCMP detachments provide policing services to small towns and rural areas. In matters of domestic violence, RCMP and LRPS sometimes work together.

Crown Prosecutors Office
Lethbridge opened a Domestic Violence Court in March 2004. The role of the crown prosecution is to represent the interests of society as a whole. Crown prosecutors must prove each element of a charge to the satisfaction of the Court (Judge) "beyond a reasonable doubt". Lethbridge Crown prosecutors work with police, corrections, treatment and support providers as the "Domestic Violence Court Team" to ensure an effective, coordinated approach to communication and follow-through for all cases.

Community Corrections
Corrections provides supervision and assistance to offenders in the community who are bound by the Courts through court orders (e.g. sentencing and probation). These orders impose specific conditions by which offenders must abide.