Sexual Addiction in the Family: Pathways to Domestic Violence

Steven Thibodeau, PhD, RSW, CSAT* (C) (Cert. Sexual Addiction Therapist*) Assistant Prof, U of L, Faculty of Health Sciences (Addictions Program) doctoral studies focused on domestic violence in Alberta Aboriginal Communities, currently investigating and researching clinical aspects of sexual addiction and its impact on family systems. Private Practitioner for 20 years and assistant professor at the U of L, Faculty of Health Sciences, (Addictions Counselling Program) since 2005.

Jennifer Thibodeau, MSW, RSW, Clinical Social Worker, CSAT (C) Private Clinical Practice (Thibodeau & Thibodeau Inc) general private practice (20 yrs) which includes work with clients who are sexually addicted and violent in intimate relationships.

Jackie Thibodeau, Bachelor of Health Sciences (Addictions Counselling Program) Private Practice (Thibodeau & Thibodeau Inc) recent graduate of the Facility of Health Sciences (Addictions Counseling Program) Interest in addictive behaviors leading to violence in family systems.

Sexual Addictions (ppt)
To discuss the cycle and characteristics of sexual addiction and how it can lead to domestic violence.